The Authors Spot

Interview with Author Lakeisha Trimm-Green

September 28, 2022 Teresa James Season 2 Episode 12
The Authors Spot
Interview with Author Lakeisha Trimm-Green
Show Notes

To Kick off the Second Half of Season 2 for the HOTTEST SPOT for the reader in you, we shuffle the Deck to bring you a Queen of all subjects: Love, Loss, and Life Thereafter! On today, Lakeisha Trimm-Green,  International Award winning Author and proud Anthologist joins the Authors Spot to tell us how sharing the pie can sometimes be as sweet as having the whole thing to yourself! Lakeisha plays chess as she carefully makes her moves, knowing her worth, and acknowledges sharing her spotlight doesn't dim her shine. 

Lakeisha has authored or contributed to titles such as:

  • "Beneath the Surface: Life Under the Mask Anthology"
  • "When the Soul Cries: Trauma, Tears, Triumph. Vol III-THE TRUTH MUST COME OUT"
  • "Life After Divorce: Fearless Stories of Encouragement, Rediscovery, & Self-Love- False Advertisement"
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